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How Much Cake Do I Need?

Such an interesting question that has a lot of different factors to consider.  How many people are you serving?  Mix of adults and children?  Cake lovers?  aka large slices?  And 
a million other things, Sarah is here to help!

Below is our cake size(s), cost, and approx. servings...


4 inch, 2 layer $25  (1-4)

6 inch, 1 layer  $20  (1-4)
6 inch, 2 layer  $42.50  (4-8)
6 inch, 3 layer  $52.50  (8-12)

8 inch, 2 layer  $52.50  (8-12)
8 inch, 3 layer  $65  (12-16)


10 inch, 2 layer  $70  (12-16)
10 inch, 3 layer  $100  (16-22)

13 by 10, 1 layer  $50  (10-14)
13 by 10, 2 layer  $90  (14-20)

15 by 12, 1 layer. $75  (20+)
15 by 12, 2 layer  $125  (20++)



The number of guests that you would like to serve will help determine the size of cake that you require.  Our above guide is based upon our cake experience with our six kids.
We have made cakes for 150 people, so no cake is too big!

Contact Sarah today, call or TEXT  (705) 250-5522



Rebel Crumb Flavour Profile


Birthday Cake (aka Funfetti)
Blueberry Velvet
Carrot & Cream Cheese

Chocolate Espresso
Chocolate Fudge
Lemon Raspberry
Oreo Cookies & Cream
Raspberry Cream Cheese
Red Velvet (Cream Cheese)
Salted Caramel
Vanilla​​, Old Fashioned



chocolate fudge
chocolate ganache
fresh berries (in season)
salted caramel

Rebel Crumb Party Room

We have a PRIVATE Party Room located at the back of our building with a separate entrance and private washroom.


We would love to host your next birthday, bridal shower, cake decorating, or Lego building party!

Contact us at (705) 250-5522

Call or Text, for availability.

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