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Moving SALE - Saturday, May 25th  8am to 4pm

Rebel Crumb is moving and we need to make space for all the LEGO!  We have tables and chairs, display stands, art, ornaments, books, appliances, picture frames, baking pans, prep tables, art supplies...there's too much to list, but it's all priced to sell! 

Don't worry!  We're not going far!  We will be just around the corner with all of your favourite cakes, cupcakes and treats available for pick up and delivery! 

Proudly Serving Alliston Since 2020!

Our recent in store customers know that we are in the process of moving the store to our home at 64 Church Street South.

Until then our location at 5 Victoria Street East will remain open with the following hours...

Friday, May 24th - (11 to 6)

Saturday, May 25th - (11 to 4)

Sunday, May 26th - (12 to 3)

Monday, May 27th - closed

Tuesday, May 28th - closed

Wednesday, May 29th - (11 to 5)

Thursday, May 30th - (11 to 5)

Friday, May 31st - (11 to 6)

Saturday, June 1st - (11 to 4)

Sunday, June 2nd - closed


Our Store Location Will Be Moving on June 3rd

Opening on Monday, June 3rd our new location at 

64 Church Street South, Alliston ONT L9R-1H2


Our focus is making the best custom cake experience in the galaxy, the most delicious and amazing cupcakes, treat bars, donuts along with Vegan and Gluten Friendly options.  Our house has two separate kitchens and an amazing storefront right off the front deck.

We will have walk in hours for all of these amazing items, along with extended pickup hours, delivery through us along with our menu available on Door Dash, Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats!


MONDAY - cake/cupcake orders, by appointment

TUESDAY - cake/cupcake orders, by appointment


WEDNESDAY - 12 to 5pm OPEN

5pm to 10pm DELIVERY


THURSDAY - 12 to 5pm OPEN

5pm to 10pm DELIVERY


FRIDAY - 12pm to 5pm OPEN

5 to 10pm DELIVERY


SATURDAY - 11am to 4pm OPEN

4pm to 10pm DELIVERY


SUNDAY - cake/cupcake orders, by appointment

This schedule allows us to make a custom cake experience everyday of the week, and allows you the flexibility to order and pickup your cake on your schedule.

We will personally be able to make deliveries in the evenings, and you can find our menu online through this website, or have it delivered with one of the local food delivery services.

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