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Cake Emergency Solved!

Sarah and I started our incredible cake journey as a home based business during the Covid pandemic.  After a 20 plus year career with the Keg Steakhouse, along with Sarah's art background and incredible sense of style and taste, together we bring deliciousness and artistry to our incredible cakes.  Simple put we LOVE to make the most delicious and fantastically fun cakes in the galaxy.

And we love to solve your cake emergency!  

Ideally a few days (or a week's notice) is best, to guarantee availability and allow us the time to create a true custom cake experience.

Call or TEXT our Sarah today

(705) 250-5522



Rebel Crumb Favourites

Over the past three years we have had the absolute pleasure of making close to 5000 custom cake experiences.  We will listing some of more popular cakes here, available for order online and pickup in store (or delivery) the next day. 

Shop our ONLINE Store 24/7

Shop our ever growing online store that you can order at your convenience day or night, order by 11pm and pickup in store the next day.

Monday ~ closed
Tuesday ~ 11am to 2pm
Wednesday ~ 11am to 5pm
Thursday ~ 11am to 5pm
Friday ~ 12pm to 6pm
Saturday ~ 11am to 4pm
Sunday ~ 12pm to 3pm 

Questions or concerns, please email us


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