Everyone Loves Cupcakes!

Rebel Crumb is ready to make something fresh and delicious for you today!

Our freshly baked cupcakes start at...


$3.25 each

$18 ~ 1/2 Dozen

 $35 ~ Dozen

Premium cupcakes are available below.

This Valentine's Day treat your loved one to six delicious Rebel Crumb Valentine's Day decorated cupcakes.  Cheeky, playful and delicious!

Valentine's Day 6 pack

Valentine's Day 6 pack


Scroll through our gallery of delicious Rebel Crumb cupcakes, available to ORDER ONLINE!

Custom Cupcake Clusters

Fresh and delicious Rebel Crumb cupcakes, fused together with a delicious buttercream icing to make the most outstanding

Cupcake Clusters!

First pick your custom cupcake flavor, then close your eyes and imagine the perfect blend of colors for your cluster, and finally the hardest decision...

"How Many TO Get??"

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